Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you find the answer to your question here, if not please do not hesitate to drop us an email at and we'll get right back to you.


1.Where can I buy Steptronic

UK - Steptronic are available from popular High Street retailers and online at; Jones Bootmaker, Debenhams and hundreds of independent stores nationally - please contact our UK distributor, HB Shoes for stockist locations.

Overseas - Steptronic are already available in multiple countries throughout the world and new stockists are joining us all the time, please contact us at or call +44 (0) 1933 412946 for further details of stockists in your area.

2. Is there a Steptronic Ladies range?

At present, no.  Men's comfort footwear is our ultimate strength and passion, we do get a lot of ladies asking this though so maybe it will become part of our offering in the future - watch this space.

3. Can Steptronic soles be repaired?

To achieve the superior comfort expected from our footwear we use 100% natural rubber soles that are manufactured using a 45 degree ridged construction, this allows air to circulate and achieve bounce which gives you the opportunity to wear your shoes the whole day through. 

Our soles are cemented to high quality upper leathers and it is this construction that allows our footwear to bend with great flexibility.  Unfortunately, due to this the soles cannot be repaired or replaced - we consider that changing our construction or attempting repair will severely compromise the Steptronic comfort that you know and love.